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Save on Your Next Water Bill by Using Water Efficient Toilet

Does your heart skip a beat when you open your monthly water bill?  Do you feel like you’re paying through the nose, just for water?  A water saving, or water efficient toilet might be the answer for you.

The water bill is sometimes the hardest bill to pay.  It’s not always the most expensive, but it can feel like you’re literally flushing your money away.  Here’s how you can thin that bill down to reasonable levels.

The biggest waste of water in your home is your toilet.  Think about how often you use it.  If you work from home, or don’t get out much, this use can easily triple.  And that’s just if your toilet is actually working properly!  Nine times out of ten, the reason for an astronomical water bill is a water leak, and the culprit is frequently your toilet.  If your toilet doesn’t stop making noise, call a licensed plumber today to look at the problem.  You could be wasting gallons of water simply through your inaction.

Sometimes the problem is the toilet itself, even if it is working properly.  If it’s an old toilet (more than 15 years old), then it’s probably costing you dearly every month.  In this case, splurging on a new toilet, even if it’s not specifically a water efficient one, will save you money in the long term.

Some people have dropped bricks or gravel into the tank of their toilet to reduce the amount of water used per flush.  While this may be a good idea in theory, and works in the short term, it can wreak havoc on your plumbing, and eventually cause problems that only a plumber can fix.  A better idea would be to fill a water bottle with water, and place that in the tank.  The best idea, however, would be to simply buy a truly water efficient toilet, without resorting to odd measures.

Not all of today’s efficient toilets are more expensive.  There are plenty of ways to prevent your money from being flushed down the drain than by shelling out big bucks for an expensive toilet.  Cheaper options exist, so don’t let a salesperson or plumbing contractor con you into thinking that you need to pay premium prices, just to be eco-responsible.

Always ask to see the efficiency ratings before you buy (or authorize your plumber to buy) your new toilet.  As we said earlier, price is not always indicative of efficiency.  To really get the most for your money, buy a toilet that uses 1.6 gallons or less, with every flush.  Also, the smaller the storage tank, the better.  This is the best way to lower your water bill each month, without any drastic changes in lifestyle.

Some toilets will even offer a dual flushing method.  These toilets are great for really reducing your water use, on a per flush basis.  Only use the full flush for getting rid of the really heavy waste, and use the half flush for liquid waste that doesn’t need much help to disappear down the drain. 

Lastly, do a little research in your state to see if there are any tax benefits to switching to a water efficient toilet.  Who knows, you might even be paid to save money!