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Get Matched to Licensed Plumbers

Drip, drip… Drip drip…  Is that your faucet leaking?  Do you have a huge water bill and you don’t know why?  Looks like you need to find a licensed plumber.  Wherever you are, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of people and businesses advertising their plumbing services.  How do you know who to choose, who is licensed, and who is right for the job?

There are hundreds of less-than-reputable “plumbers” out there who’ll take your money and leave you with plumbing worse than you started with, or even good plumbers who will take advantage of you knowing that you’re in a tight spot.  Let’s not even mention the plumbers who lie about having a license, leaving you liable for their shoddy work!

Let The Home Fixers help you out.  We can put reputable licensed plumbers in contact with you to take care of your plumbing project for you.  All of our plumbers are verified to be licensed in their service area, and we investigate thoroughly all complaints against any contractor on our list.  If a complaint is found to be valid, we immediately remove that plumber from our list.  The plumbers that work with us know this, and they know that any referral that comes through The Home Fixers is a savvy consumer looking for not only a good deal, but a plumbing contractor he or she can rely on.

Additionally, any plumber contacted through The Home Fixers knows that he’s competing with up to three other quality plumbers – so you know he’s likely to keep his prices competitive.  Even if you already have a plumber, you might want to check out his prices by comparing quotes for the same job from The Home Fixers certified contractors; you might be surprised at how much you’ve been overcharged, once you compare prices with businesses who know that they have to keep their prices competitive!

Even if price and reliability aren’t so much of an issue for you (though they always are for us!), sometimes it’s just a question of actually finding a plumber who will answer his phone on a Saturday night!  Any request for instant quotes through The Home Fixers website results in a text message being sent instantaneously to four licensed plumbers who service your zip code.  As soon as their phone buzzes, they call you.  Immediately.  Because your burst pipes don’t care what day of the week it is.