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At the present time, Pennsylvania does not require plumbers to be licensed - however, a plumbing license is usually required at the local level.

Any major plumbing project in Philadelphia needs a permit, and a licensed plumber.  This is to ensure that all fixtures and installations conform to local construction and sanitation standards.  To pull a plumbing permit, you must either be the homeowner or a licensed plumber.  If your plumber asks you to pull your own permit, it’s a red flag that your plumber may not be licensed.

You need a plumbing permit for:

* New Construction
* Residential Additions (except one or two family)
* Renovations in residences made up of five dwellings or more
* Any renovation of spaces larger than 2000 square feet.
* Site drainage

You do not need a plumbing permit for:

* Minor repairs, including fixture replacement or repair.
* Complete bathroom remodeling, not including any alterations to valves, fixtures, or pipes.
* Sewer lateral sealing, for building demolitions.
* Leak detection and repair, not including pipe replacement.
* Clearing and unclogging leaks in pipes, fixtures or valves, without replacing or rearranging.

For more details about plumbing permits in Philadelphia, visit the City of Philadelphia’s Business Services website.

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