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Absolute Complete Plumbing Services on TheHomeFixers
Absolute Complete Plumbing Services
Servicing the Philadelphia metro area.
Company reviews
Total reviews: 10    Average rating: 1.8

By Molly F. from Ridley Park, PA  |  Posted June 4, 2015 at 12:00 AM  

I was not shocked at all when I read the reviews. These people are the absolute WORST! I've never experienced anything like it before in my life. They took $100 deductible from us and never came back to finish the job OR bother to answer any of our phone calls/texts. They are total scammers and stay away from them! I have no clue how they are still in business. Absolutely terrible!

By Boris A. from Reading, PA  |  Posted October 3, 2014 at 12:00 AM  

Stay away from them. Save time and money. Don't call this number (877) 366-2492 They won't answer or return calls anyways, unless you might be their inext victim :(

By Andrew Q. from West Grove, PA  |  Posted January 10, 2014 at 12:00 AM  

We experienced the same problems as the other reviewers! Our Home Warranty Company recommended ''Absolute Plumbing''. Before contacting them, we checked what we thought was their reviews. The ratings were exceptional so we were looking forward to using this company. It turns out the ratings did NOT belong to them! We didn't know the real name of this company was Absolute Complete Services NOT Absolute Plumbing until the so-called plumber gave us the invoice! As the other reviewers mentioned, we called several times starting in Nov and never got a return call plus the calls went right to voicemail. When the person came here he was late. He called and said he would be here first thing in the morning, called again to say he was running late and then called again to tell me he was going to be late AGAIN! Finally he showed, looked at the problems with the heater, toilets and tub. He replaced the flappers on the toilets (something a 3 yr old could do). Looked at the heating system but couldn't fix the problem, looked at the tub upstairs and said the broken drain would require cutting a hole in my freshly painted ceiling downstairs but they weren't responsible for the drywall and paint work. He told us everything would be covered by the Home Warranty Company. We felt uncomfortable about having a hole cut in our ceiling and knew it was unnecessary being there was an access panel for the tub. The person that was here went outside for about half an hour, called his boss Paul, came back inside, handed us an invoice, asked us to sign it, said the heating system and tub wasn't covered and was ready to be on his way. We asked him to wait a minute while we called the warranty company to verify what he just told us. He waited while we called, I spoke to someone from the company who said the claim was denied because Paul ( who wasn't here) told them nothing was wrong! When I explained to the warranty company EVERYTHING that was WRONG she said Absolute ''In'' Complete Services gave her a different story and asked to speak to the alleged ''plumber'' that was here. When I went to hand him the phone he said ''I'm not allowed to talk to them'' said he was late for another job, left in a huff and hurry! I should be thankful that he left because obviously this company is a farce, they are not qualified to even do a simple toilet repair because the toilet is still running and they even put on their invoice all that was wrong which I sent to the Home Warranty company. They agreed it made no sense because Paul told them one thing but wrote down another on the invoice! The Home Warranty Company said they will look into this company. I should have known something was awry when the ''plumber'' said ''they ONLY do warranty work''. A company located in Philly that doesn't do work there but travels over an hour into the suburbs didn't make sense. When we questioned him about that he said people in Philly have $50,000 row homes and don't have home warranties. A word to the wise, as the other reviewers have stated - DO NOT USE THEM!

By maria j. from Newtown Square, PA  |  Posted November 19, 2013 at 12:00 AM  

These people are ridiculous. I had water in my basement and I filed a claim, and was instructed to call them if I hadn't heard from them. Three days!!!! I called them twice and left voicemail - nothing! And the warranty company kept contacting them as well. I finally complained enough to my warranty company that they offered another plumbing company that actually DID pick up the phone. Do not use these people. If they can't follow up on a work order, what else are they not going to do for you?

By Rob G. from Morrisville, PA  |  Posted November 9, 2013 at 12:00 AM  

I kept calling and calling, finally I got a phone call back from Paul the owner. he said that I was scheduled that day and I would get a phone call in 30 minutes to tell me when the installers were coming. I also have has warranty co. And will report them. They showed up after I left work at 10:30 am at 6:30 pm. They pulled up in a Home Depot rent a truck. They took 5 hours to complete the job after 2 runs to Home Depot because they burned 2 valves up with the welding. The owner showed up to take a check and run. Left the guys there to finish the job. the job was finished but They took my old hot water tank up, after I said ''it's unprotected from the bottom in case there is residual water. They proceeded up the steps assuring me that there would be no leak...it leaked rusty water all over the carpeted steps and pergo floor and they broke a lawn light fixture. Unprofessional . So I called the owner no return call. So I called the warranty co and he answered for them. He finally called me back upset that I called the warranty co. Instead of apologizing for the mistakes! I asked for his insurance so I could at least get the carpet cleaned.he stated '' I don't have insurance'' I said has warranty says you do. He shut up and said he would send me via email 2 coupons for 125.00... Never showed up. He won't answer my calls on his business no or his personal cell.. Babb and warranty co. Are next on Monday .. Stay away!

Company hours
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Jobs we service
  Bathroom Remodel
  Kitchen Remodel
  Plumbing for a Home Addition or Remodel
  Gas BBQ
  Foundation Drainage
  Central A/C
  Central Air Cleaner
  Central Humidifier
  Electrical Baseboard or Wall Heater
  Geo Thermal Heating or Cooling System
  Heat Pump
  Outdoor Mist Cooling System
  Radiant Floor Heating System
  Radiant Panel Heating Units
  Radiator Heating Systems
  Refrigeration Systems
  Swamp Cooler
  Window A/C Unit
  Batt, Rolled or Reflective Insulation
  Blown-In Insulation
  Spray Foam Insulation
  Appliance Repair
  Basement Drainage Channels
  Commercial or Industrial Plumbing
  Faucets, Fixtures and Pipes
  Gas Pipes
  General Repair
  Leak Detection and Repair
  Other Plumbing
  Remodeling or Construction
  Septic Systems
  Sewer and Drains
  Solar Water Heater Systems
  Sump Pumps
  Tankless Water Heaters
  Water Heaters
  Water Main
  Water or Fuel Tank
  Water Treatment and Purification
  Well Pump
  Septic System
  Septic Tank: Clean or Pump Out
  Well Pump
  Solar Water Heater System
Servicing Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas