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By Jenna R. from Aurora, CO  |  Posted March 20, 2016 at 3:55 PM  

I’m a single female that’s had a bad experience with contractors in the past. Russell Walsh promised that he would do a good job and did not need any money until the job was complete. Russell gave me a price of $3000 for the job, however as the job progressed he changed his bid to $3200 and requested a $1000 payment. Russell would not provide a bid in writing as he claimed he does not do business that way. Reluctantly, due to my past experiences I did not want to pay in advance. However, I gave Russell the $1000 he requested, then two days later he requested another $1000 payment. I called him to talk about the job he became aggressive, and yelled at me. As we were speaking on the phone I refused to continue to give Russell money until the job was complete, he took his tools and quit the job. Russell made a lot of promises that he did not fulfill and left the job incomplete. In addition, the job was a small tile job that he claimed would only take one week, 3 weeks later the job is less than half done. I am a customer service manager and a big advocate of treating employees with respect and in the way I would want to be treated as an employee. Russell had a young man working with him that is between 18-21 years of age, the manner in which he treated his worker was unaccepted and unprofessional. He yelled at his worker at the top of his voice, in front of me as the customer. If you are a female or there is a female in the home, I would not hire this guy as it appears that he takes advantage of females. In addition, get everything in writing. This would include, the bid, materials, timelines etc. Good luck with your home improvement projects. I hope this review helps you make an educated decision on a credible and trustworthy contractor!

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