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MC General Contractors LLC
Servicing Mount Carmel, PA and surrounding areas
Company reviews
By Ryan . from Alburtis, PA  |  Posted July 17, 2020 at 5:55 PM  

This is NOT a real business do not hire them. To start with I ordered and paid for $3500 worth of materials a month in advance, none of which were ever received, yet she insisted on tearing out my only bathroom on the original schedule as she ''had backups for everything'' (she absolutely did not). They started by flooding the bathroom because they didn't turn off the main and it got worse from there. They showed up in a rented Home Depot van until the second week when their new ''company vehicle'' (LOL a 90's Ford Explorer) showed up in my driveway. I had to go to the store to buy them jumper cables to get them out of my driveway and pay for their gas to get home. I finally said I had enough when she told me the job would be done on day 10 and I came home to find that neither the toilet or vanity was installed and they didn't have a P-trap or supply lines to do it. They had time though to have a pizza party and leave their trash in my home. I finished it myself and should have done the whole thing that way. I am still owed the difference in materials from what I paid for and what I received and this lady who never shuts the F up has suddenly gone quiet. So when she replies to this that she doesn't know me (it looks like she did that in a previous negative comment) or that I'm somehow lying, look at the pictures. DO NOT BE FOOLED RUN, DON'T WALK, AWAY!!

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    Home Improvement Contractor, Registered in Pennsylvania
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Jobs we service
  Bathroom Remodel
  Electrical for Addition or Remodel
  Kitchen Remodel
  Plumbing for a Home Addition or Remodel
  Gas BBQ
  Custom Cabinets
  Arbor, Pergola or Trellis
  Built-In Furniture Construct
  Custom Cabinets
  Deck or Porch
  Disability Ramps
  Exterior Trim
  Interior Trim and Decorative Moldings
  Other Carpentry
  Sunroom or Patio Enclosure
  Water Dock
  Wood Fence
  Wood Stairs and Railings
  Concrete Driveways & Floors Install
  Concrete Floor Coating
  Laminate Countertops
  Solid Surface Countertops (Concrete, Stainless Steel, etc)
  Stone Slab Countertops (Granite, Marble, Quartz, etc)
  Tile: Ceramic and Porcelain
  Tile: Natural Stone (Granite, Marble, Slate, Quartz, etc)
  Ceiling or Exhaust Fans
  Remodeling, Renovation or New Construction
  Bath Exhaust Fan
  Ceiling Fan
  Carpet Installation
  Carpet Repair, Refasten, or Stretch
  Carpets or Rugs Cleaning
  Clean / Polish Vinyl or Wood Flooring
  Concrete Flooring
  Concrete Repair
  Laminate Wood or Stone Floor
  Laminate, Vinyl or Linoleum
  Tile (Ceramic or Porcelain) Repair
  Tile Flooring
  Wood Flooring
  Foundation Drainage
  Cabinet Refinish
  Concrete Floor Coating
  Exterior Painting or Staining
  Exterior Surfaces Powerwashing
  Interior Painting or Staining
  Metal Object or Surfaces Paint Electrostatically
  Metal Roofing - Paint
  Other Painting
  Paint or Stain - Deck / Fence / Porch
  Paint Removal or Stripping
  Parking Lot Striping
  Specialty Painting
  Appliance Repair
  Basement Drainage Channels
  Commercial or Industrial Plumbing
  Faucets, Fixtures and Pipes
  Gas Pipes
  General Repair
  Leak Detection and Repair
  Other Plumbing
  Remodeling or Construction
  Septic Systems
  Sewer and Drains
  Solar Water Heater Systems
  Sump Pumps
  Tankless Water Heaters
  Water Heaters
  Water Main
  Water or Fuel Tank
  Water Treatment and Purification
  Well Pump
  Asphalt Shingle Roofing
  Flat, Foam or Single Ply Roofing
  Heating Cable for Roof
  Inspection - Roofing
  Leak Detection/Repair
  Metal Roofing
  Natural Slate Roofing
  New Roof
  Other Roofing
  Pressure Washing
  Roof Cleaning and Maintenance
  Roof Removal
  Roof Repair
  Roof Replacement
  Traditional Tile Roofing
  Wood Shake or Composite Roofing
  Septic System
  Septic Tank: Clean or Pump Out
  Well Pump
  Asbestos Siding Repair
  Brick or Stone Siding
  Exterior Shutters
  Exterior Surfaces Powerwashing
  Exterior Trim
  Liquid (Spray-On) Siding
  Metal Awning or Patio Cover
  Metal Siding
  Synthetic Stucco Siding
  Traditional Stucco Siding
  Vinyl Siding
  Wood or Fiber: Cement Siding
  Solar Water Heater System
  Bathtubs & Showers
  Grout Work
  Stone Restoration & Polishing
  Tile & Grout Cleaning
  Tile Flooring
  Walls / Backsplash / Countertops
Servicing Mount Carmel, PA and surrounding areas