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Nuview Concepts And Designs on TheHomeFixers
Nuview Concepts And Designs
Servicing the South New Jersey, Central New Jersey, North New Jersey, Philadelphia metro areas.
Company reviews
By Mike & Laura Soulitt . from Mount Laurel, NJ  |  Posted January 9, 2019 at 10:21 AM  

Definitely pleased with Anthony and the nuview crew they totally transformed our kitchen we are completely speechless. I plan to now use nuview with are two bathrooms next simply can't finddestiny pleased with Anthony and the new view crew they totally transformed our kitchen we are completely speechless. I plan to now use new view with our two bathrooms next simply can't find another local contractor that has this quality of work simply amazing me and my wife are so happy New year

By MI . from Burlington, NJ  |  Posted December 9, 2018 at 8:45 PM  

On 10/2/18 I hired Anthony and Nuview Concepts and Designs to remodel my bathroom. Anthony and his brother talked a lot about how all their customers love their work and that there is nothing they can't design or do. Based on what they told me and the reviews written, I decided to give them the job. Of course, I complied with the payment schedule he requested, which is 35% up front and then 10-15% weekly until the job is finished. The contract stated that the bathroom will be completely remodeled in 22 days. Anthony made it seem that he had a crew that includes his brother plus at least 1 more person who they bring in at times. 3 days into the project, his brother stopped working with him and the personal issues began to surface. It became only Anthony working. It is now 12/7/18 and the only thing that is done are the floor, the shower walls and half of the tiles around the tub (total of less than 30 tiles in almost 1 month). The bathroom is a complete disaster from end to end as for more than 2 months, he did not clean up after himself or his work. Tools trash bags, debris, and buckets filled with standing water all over the bathroom. In addition, he would not show up on most days until after noon. The crazy part is that he would lock himself in the bathroom for 10 hours at times to work, but when he was finished for the day, my wife and I would check. To our surprise, there would not be 1 tile completed. Some days 2 or 3 after 10 hours of work. I continued to give him the benefit of doubt and kept complying with his weekly payment schedule for the first 4 weeks hoping that he would hire a helper as he has been telling me. I gave him freedom to work as many hours and as late as he wanted which impacted my life with my family. By November 15th, he received $6400 total for his labor alone which is 80% of his total labor cost we agreed on. $6400 dollars for 1 person who was working on an entire bathroom since 10/2 with very little completed. After that, he continued to tell me that he is committed to finishing the project and that he continues to look for a helper he trusts. His pattern of showing up after noon to work and staying late continued 4-6 days a week for about 2 weeks, but lack of productivity continued. By the end of each week, only a handful of tiles would be finished. The quality of the tiles was below average. Examples include uneven tile lines, tiles popping out horizontally. Of course, he told me that it is because of the wall, which he put up! Also, he told me that when he grouts he will hide all that. During the week of 12/3/18, he never contacted me to come to work until late telling me he wants to come work. He never showed up that evening and texted me the next day stating that he overslept and will be there the next morning 9:30-10:30am. He never showed up as he stated. He texted me later that evening saying that he had personal issues and that he will be working Monday-Friday going forward to finish. I then informed him that I am no longer interested in him working due to the lack of productivity and consistency in his work habits. Of course he demanded that I give him all his tools back, which I am in the process of doing, but now I am left with a 9 week mess to clean up on my own. and that all the hours he worked are justified. How is it justified when you barely did 50% of the project with average at best quality? He was not clean or organized as evidenced by the disaster he left behind. His overall work is average. He will get you involved with all his personal issues as excuses. He looks up how to do things on YouTube which he had told me. It is unfortunate that I had to write all this about such a negative experience, but I felt the details are needed in order to ensure that no one else becomes a victim. Nice guy, but can't work at a high level, too many issues prevent him from being consistent. I am left with a big mess that will most likely be torn apart again and will cost me a huge amount of money as no contractor is going to take over to finish it. Hire at your own risk.

By R J. from Marlton, NJ  |  Posted January 8, 2018 at 8:00 PM  

Let me wow you with this review, the way Anthony at Nuview wowed me with the work he completed in my home. First, I inquired about some home remodeling I wanted done in my kitchen. Anthony got back to me in such a timely manner. Him and I spoke about what I wanted done, my budget and than some. After we conversed for a little he simply asked me, ''if you could have your dream kitchen, what would it look like? And if there was no budget, what else in your home is it that you wanted updated to fit your idea of a perfect place you call home?'' So I answered him, explained to him how I wanted my kitchen to have a back splash of tile, new cabinets, was really looking for a modern look. Then I continued to ramble on about tiling in my bath, paint in all the rooms to be changed to a more comfortable setting. When I finally stopped rambling on he simply gave me a brief down of a realistic budget plan for me to work with and an itinerary of all the things I rambled on about. He suggested we sand down and paint my kitchen cabinets giving them a fresh new look, giving me more money to work with the tiling in the kitchen and in my master bath. There was much more to this conversation. The estimate/quote he gave me was extremely practical and fair. He wasn't trying to take advantage of me being that I am a woman and a lot of contractors do that to us middle class people. His work I will rate a 10/10. It looks amazing and I am so pleased with it all. It all came out better than I imagined. Him and his worker were prompt every day when coming here and extremely respectful and kind. They were clean with their work which is a huge thing for me since I have ocd. I will always recommend Anthony to anyone and everyone. Because I know he won't disappoint!!!

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