House Doctor
Servicing South Bend, IN and surrounding areas
I personally want to thank you for choosing the house doctor a prescription to good home maintenance my company's been in business since 1958 it was started by my grandfather 60 years ago so just remember if your house is sick call the doctor house doctor
About the company

I can do most handyman work electrical drywall flooring small construction Landscaping all around maintenance of your home

Company Background
The company was started in 1958 by my grandfather JW Betty it was known as Process Electric and Building my father soon followed in with the company followed by myself my grandfather since passed away and so did my father the company the company then floundered and we decided to close the doors back in 2008 I can see a need for General Home Maintenance and handyman service so I went back into business renaming the company House Doctor and that's what we do if your house is sick call House Doctor

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Company hours
House Doctor is now  open

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Jobs we service
  Electrical for Addition or Remodel
  Gas BBQ
  Concrete Driveways & Floors Install
  Concrete Floor Coating
  Deck or Porch
  Deck, Fence, Patio or Porch: Clean and Seal
  Gazebo or Freestanding Porch
  Water Dock
  Ceiling or Exhaust Fans
  Circuit Breakers and Boxes
  Electrical Inspections
  Exterior Building Lighting
  General Electrical Repair
  Light Fixtures
  Outlets and Switches
  Remodeling, Renovation or New Construction
  Service Upgrades
  Trouble Shooting / Short Circuits
  Wiring or Panel Upgrade
  Attic or Whole House Fan
  Bath Exhaust Fan
  Ceiling Fan
  Concrete Flooring
  Concrete Repair
  Laminate Wood or Stone Floor
  Tile Flooring
  Wood Flooring
  Brick and Stone Patios, Walks, and Steps
  Outdoor Lighting
  Cabinet Refinish
  Concrete Floor Coating
  Exterior Painting or Staining
  Exterior Surfaces Powerwashing
  Interior Painting or Staining
  Other Painting
  Paint or Stain - Deck / Fence / Porch
  Specialty Painting
  Appliance Repair
  Faucets, Fixtures and Pipes
  General Repair
  Leak Detection and Repair
  Other Plumbing
  Sewer and Drains
  Solar Water Heater Systems
  Water Treatment and Purification
  Inspection - Roofing
  Leak Detection/Repair
  Natural Slate Roofing
  New Roof
  Other Roofing
  Roof Cleaning and Maintenance
  Roof Removal
  Roof Repair
  Traditional Tile Roofing
  Asbestos Siding Repair
  Brick or Stone Siding
  Exterior Shutters
  Exterior Surfaces Powerwashing
  Exterior Trim
  Liquid (Spray-On) Siding
  Metal Awning or Patio Cover
  Metal Siding
  Synthetic Stucco Siding
  Traditional Stucco Siding
  Vinyl Siding
  Wood or Fiber: Cement Siding
  Solar Water Heater System
  Tile Flooring
Servicing South Bend, IN and surrounding areas